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Drapeaux ukrainiens

Ukraine: the latest war in Europe

We often talk about the wars in the Middle East and in Africa but few people know that Europe is also affected by wars. There is one for example in Ukraine. In this article, we will go through the origins of the conflict, the conflict itself and the tensions that still persist to this day.

Sweden: an ecological haven and a world model?


Sustainable development and ecology remain important issues in today's world. In recent years, Sweden has introduced environmentally friendly technologies to meet the environmental challenges linked to pollution, global warming, over-consumption and over-exploitation of resources.



Genetic modification, a technology of the future?


Man is seeking to live longer and to have the best possible life. The emergence of new technologies has allowed great advances in medicine with, for instance, transhumanism, a current of thought according to which the capacities of the human being could increase thanks to scientific and technical progress...

DNA Strand_edited.jpg

What has Committee 3 found to be able to harness the potential of AI (artificial intelligence) while keeping ethics and morality in mind?


With the growing importance of AI in our modern world, we may ask ourselves how to use this major advancement while respecting privacy and security...

By Joseph MUNN , Danny SUNGKUR, Eloïse PENNACIO

Three Generations

Committee 2 on fire!    

A heated debate on possible solutions for a more stable and sustainable management of migrants from countries in conflict ...


Even if the 2021 January conference is finished, it is not the end of the year yet. At FerMUN, there is no rest! So, what do we do?...

Crowd with Masks

Articles on the Problematics: 2021

> Establish international cooperation to stop the development of terrorist networks on the Internet

> Social protection in times of crisis: the urgency of achieving universal health coverage

written by Adrienne MCNALLY and Emma KUHNEN

Students in Classroom

> Prevent and mitigate the spread of the COVID-19


> The Year 1967: The 6 Day War and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

translated by Emma KUHNEN, written by Alessia CERAMI

Soldiers and Helicopter

> How to ensure the integration of gender equality within companies ?

> Implementing a framework for work practices and cybersecurity in order      to reduce companies’ environmental impact

translated by Manon DUBET, written by Lise BARRIA

Working Silhouettes

> How to secure education for young people in order to abolish child          labour ?

> How to avoid health hazards at work and ensure the protection of            employees ? 

translated by Sacha VANHUYNEGEM, written by Emma KUHNEN

Construction Workers

> How to prepare for and manage future pandemics ?


> How to combat misinformation in times of health crisis ? 

translated by Lucie LOUIS, written by Lise BARRIA

Temperature Check

> Building a better relationship between authorities and minorities


> How to address the persistent decline of tolerance towards communities  of color ? 

written by Alessia CERAMI

Hands Holding Wooden Plate

> How to transition to a carbon-neutral economy ?


> What measures are to be implemented to assess and regulate pollution ?


written by Adrienne MCNALLY

Cloudy Day

Restoring the economic and social stability in post-conflict countries 


> Mobilizing global commitments for sustainable development in developing countries


translated by Maxine TROWBRIDGE, written by Emma KUHNEN

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