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Even if the 2021 January conference is finished, it is not the end of the year yet. At FerMUN, there is no rest! So, what do we do?


This conference has left unique and fabulous memories, whether it be chatting with delegates from all around the world, the incredible podcasts or even getting to know our teammates better, people from Ferney or Saint-Genis Pouilly.

The cohesion of this conference was extraordinary, each team was very tight-knit and coordinated, despite seeing each other only through a screen. The transition from a face-to-face conference to an online conference has been a lot of work, especially for the interpretation team that has had to adapt to using Zoom. Despite all that, the challenge that the MUN directors and the board set for themselves has been achieved brilliantly! 

However, it is not the end... Mock debates have been scheduled since the 24th of February, animated by the potential chairs for FerMUN 2022. Most of them balance the work between mock oral exams, IGCSE or other activities as well as the mastery of the logistics of the MUN conferences. But they are real champions and they manage to combine everything remarkably. A big shout-out to those who have already done it, and good luck to those who will animate AP sessions to come!

In addition, the preparation for the 2022 conference starts with a new board, consisting of Maureen as secretary-general, two deputy secretaries-general, Jordan and Galileo, that will work on the training for delegates and chairs respectively. Then there is Noëmie that is going to work on the training of the admins, Timothée and Margaux who are heads of the interpretation and translation teams and then Marisol and Fleur will take charge of the communication and press team. And finally, there is Sebastian as head of the intercultural project, a new post on the board. The intention behind this new project is to reinforce relationships with other participant high schools at the conferences: but as you can imagine, it is not always an easy task when we cannot see each other in real life. You will know more about this post as the year goes by.

The up-coming conferences are those with the french highschool of Dakar, which are going to be on the 24th, 31st of march and the 7th of April, and the conference organised by Tanger will take place from the 15th to the 17th of April (during the Easter holidays) and the conference with the American high schools will take place the 22nd and 23rd of May. The next sessions with our friends from Dakar will take place in three different ways: the first meeting will be an ice-breaker kind of session for everyone, the second and third will be debates for delegates or training for interpreters, translators and journalists.

Finally, we would like to say that this project would not be possible without the hard work of the organisation team: the board, the chairs, the directors and the admins. We would like to thank all the members of FerMUN 2021 who have provided diligent work. they have contributed to the making of a productive and fulfilling conference, even through screens. To each of them, we wish them good luck as well as success for their future projects!


 For next year, we will do our best to be up to the task, and we promise for an incredible team, which only makes sense with your presence, your perseverance and your enthusiasm!

By Fleur Kneib and Marisol Godbille

Translated by Margaux Giles

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